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How to make money online in the new age of Mobile Taxi apps in Kenya without a computer.

How to make money online in the new age of mobile apps in Kenya without using a computer.

Spoiler alert, this post is not going to have your usual how to ”find a freelance writing jobs or transcribing jobs as is the norm when you talk of how make money online in Kenya.I will introduce you to a new  era where your options are many and online jobs have been localized meaning that you don’t have to get a job from a person in Kazakhstan, but by the introduction of mobile apps you can  make money online in Kenya from people around you as they like to call it peer to peer and geo location based business models .

You have probably  heard of the the new kids in the block when it comes to Nairobi transport more so in the nairobi taxi transport sector that is Easy taxi, Uber and our very own Maramoja transport and if you haven’t let me school you for a minute on who these companies are and what they do.

To start of Maramoja is not the painkiller but this particular maramoja solves the headache that is of getting up and about in nairobi by taxi they make it convenient,safe and cheap by the simple use of your mobile phone you can hail or request for a taxi that’s closest to you and thats most used or recommended by your friends(its the same for all the other taxi  mobile apps minus the social recommendation feature maramoja has) gone are the days of asking the security guy where are the taxis are or rather gone are the days of jumping into an unmarked car that’s  supposedly a ”taxi”  and will supposedly get you home, haven’t we been testing fate.So lets stop testing fate and download the app here . I would like to go on and on about how they work but as the blog says am here to tell you how you can make money by using a taxi app that can either be uber, Easy taxi or Maramoja Transport.

So how do you make money online in Kenya at your free time without quitting your day job or having to quite school by the use of the taxi mobile apps you can be a taxi driver in nairobi  on a part-time basis.

Kenya happens to be one of the  few countries with lenient policies controlling the Kenyan taxi transport sector as opposed to the experience of uber in spain .

make money online kenya in the new era

What do you need to do or have to be a taxi driver in Kenya,

  • A car or rather have access to a car doesn’t have to be yours but it defiantly cant be stolen.
  • A valid Kenyan government issued driving license.
  • The car needs to be insured to cover third parties.
  • You car needs to be registered as a PSV(involves going for inspection and getting a sticker on your windscreen)

The list would have been longer and your wouldn’t be able to make money online if the late minister for transport would have his way for instance your car would need to be yellow in color and with a yellow strip(no way you would do that to your car or your borrowed car if its for a part time gig so lucky you the law isn’t enforced).

We have covered what you need to do to make the Kenyan Government happy you would think that’s all you need but making money isn’t that easy or we would all have money or rather have lots of it.

Here is the other list of things you need to do to be accepted as a  taxi driver by Uber, maramoja transport  and easy taxi and make money online..

  • You will need all the necessary Kenyan Government requirements to drive a taxi.
  • You will need a certificate of good conduct from the CID in muthaiga and not from a shop or room in river road.
  • You will need a smart phone either running on android or OS.
  • You will need to have your phone fully loaded with Mbs but good thing airtel unliminet is here and maramoja transport offers you free mbs as a their driver.
  • Again you will need a car whether yours or borrowed.

I know am yet to tell you how do you make money with a taxi app or to be specific with Uber, easy taxi or maramoja transport so here we go once you have all the above required you need to reach out to them and they will register you as a driver,install the drivers taxi app on your phone and you are good to go.

The current situation is they taxi app companies are new in Kenya so they are yet to reach their desired number of drivers but on the flip side they are doing excessive marketing to have nairobi commuters use their taxi apps to hail a taxi coupled by the problem that most current drivers don’t have smart phones thus they are create a situation where the demand outstrips the supply, meaning you can join and be a taxi driver and get a good number of clients and making.

Why been a taxi drive enlisted by maramoja transport or the other many taxi app companies in Kenya.

  • Its  safe to use as the taxi app companies know the clients using their taxi app and for maramoja transport they have added a second layer of security where they have a panic button that you can use when in danger and a security company comes to your rescue.
  • Its convenient and works as per your schedule you can switch on the app when your are available and off when you are busy.
  • Clients guaranteed as they recommend drivers to commuters that are closest to them,so all you need to do is find parking in an ideal location and currently its westlands, lavington, kiliman,  karen and kileleshwa and clients will see you when they are looking for taxi’s on the mobile apps (You cant park at taxi stations as the taxis there are protective of the turfs but you can always find public parking in malls or office complexes.
  • Its a inexpensive side hustle to start as you can borrow or hire the car you are going to use and for a smartphone you need just 10000ksh and you are good to go.

All very good reasons to join the mobile taxi app movement in Kenya and the time is now as the demand is growing every day,competition between drivers isn’t as high and you don’t have to quite your day job to enjoy the perks and money to be earned,for those with personal cars and drivers you can have them register as they can earn there keep and earn you extra money when they arent busy with you.

Currently there are taxi drivers  that are already working for the taxi app companies and from those that I have talked to they are making as much 20,000Ksh a week and they pay the taxi app companies a commission of 10% or so of the what they earn from their client(though for Uber taxi they are working with two kinds of hiring models where they have hired the drivers and paying them a fixed salary at the end of the month and they are also working with freelance drivers and the drivers pay Uber taxi a commission of the money they make.

Start making money online in kenya today and register here to start your sidehustle…

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